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Thank you so much for watching. I absolutely had a blast in New York City. Thank you so much Quincy for your kind hospitality. Thank you so much Steve for coming on this trip with me. I know I didn’t get as much film as you wanted, but just know I’m trying and I’m sorry if I disappointed you.

NYC is a place of hustlers. There were so many street vendors selling everything from hats and gloves to hot dogs and party hats. The people here really hustle to make a living. NY is also a place of wide disparities. A few people are extremely wealthy, but on the streets there are a ton of homeless people. The wealthy people do not even live in the same areas as the poor or common people. The girls here are gorgeous. A lot of model caliber girls. There are people from all over the world here. We met people from Britain, Germany, Russia, China, and more. It is a place of great diversity and life.

I talked to a lot of strangers while in NYC. Interestingly enough, one guy I talked to actually offered me a job in NYC that pays well. I told him I will consider taking his offer and coming back here during the summer break. So I might be coming back here quite soon.

Thanks again for watching and I hope you have a great day!

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LIVE Behind the Scenes Camera – NYC Time Square New Years Eve

While watching City TV’s broadcast of NYC Time Square New Years Eve, view a (Live) behind the scenes Pan Tilt Zoom security camera of New York City Time Square from your iPad or smartphone.
It still amazes me how technology has improved with leaps and bounds now that streaming video through the internet has become more popular and possible with hi-speed internet.

Watching Live Satellite TV while viewing a behind the scenes remote pan tilt zoom camera is quite the experience. During commercials you really get the real feel of what goes on especially that there is audio on the PTZ camera.

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Armin van Buuren | New Years Eve 2013 Live @ Pier 36 in NYC [HD]

so here it is! ringing in 2013 with the nyctrancefamily and avb. way to start the year off right!

sorry for the chaotic start of filming…armin came on half an hour earlier than i thought and i had to bail on the marathon bathroom line as soon as ‘ill listen’ started. was only able to get 3.5 hrs of the 4 hour set (hey, i needed an occasional break and battery changes :P)

incredible track selection. i evolved into a higher dimensional being at least 3 separate times throughout the set. and sometimes i forgot i was zoomed in while dancing. my apologies. hope you all enjoy! (but y no lazers armin??)

i have no idea why my audio cut out around 01:48:00 – 01:53:00. weird. possible editing fail.

FULL tracklist @ http://www.1001tracklists.com/tracklist/22127_armin-van-buuren-at-pier-36-new-york-united-states-2012-12-31.html …mind you im missing about 30 mins and im not sure which tracks i missed at the moment…

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