USA: Feeling rough after NYE? The Hangover Bus is here to save your day!

New York’s Hangover Club parked their latest service, the Hangover Bus, outside Bounce Sporting Nightclub on Thursday, offering a range of IV treatments said to speedily defeat hangovers.
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Too Many Zooz

Check these guys up. They are amazing!
We couldn’t free ourselves from this beat for the rest of the day.
Great performance. We will be looking for them next time as well.

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Drag Roast of Sherry Vine | Monet X Change | Revry

Monet X Change burns the house down at the roast of Sherry Vine!

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2010 started with a blast on top of New York city! Everyone on the planet wanted to be here for New Years, and I was lucky enough to have friends in high places to see the party from way up in the sky! This one will be hard to top!

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