#29 – NYE, NYC – A Song A Day In December – Chris Dodgen



A Song A Day in December
Song #29 — NYE, NYC

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Liner Notes:

Song 29. Well it’s been a pretty lazy week. Guess I didn’t care much after the deadline was…well…dead. I’ll be finishing this up this weekend. This is the final big number, and I think I’ll be content to allow the last 2 songs to just be simple acoustic pieces.

I wasn’t entirely lazy this week, but for some reason without deadlines I was much less inspired. I attempted to write a song, and even recorded it, but it was pretty terrible, and I decided I would have been mailing it in to include it. This was a much better song. Trust me.



Where will you be
At this hour on New Year’s Eve
I want to see you again

The cold and the lights
Just remind me of your smile
And how much I miss you

So while we’re all drinking
To new days and new ways
I’m raising a glass
To you
Let’s start over
With a slate as clean as snow
We’ve got so much more loving to do
Let’s follow the year
And renew
I know it’s the time
To cast off old lines
But I think we can make it work

If you’re kissing me
At midnight on New Year’s Eve
I’ll never let you go

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