Times Square NYE 2014

It’s been a life “bucket list” item to spend New Years Eve in Times Square; and it’s now COMPLETE. After spending the last two years at the Space Needle in Seattle (2012) and the strip in Las Vegas (2013), I figured it was time to welcome in the new year (2014) from the most iconic place of them all: The Big Apple! If you’ve ever thought about going to NYC for NYE, this video should give you a good, first-hand account of what the entire experience is like when going with a group of fun and outgoing friends. I’m an avid photographer, but this is the first video I’ve ever made using video editing software; so I hope you enjoy it!

How would I personally rate the experience? A+, for sure. Yes, it was just below freezing and we were outside for nearly 12 hours, but I loved it. I’d definitely do it again! Just google “NYE Times Square tips” and check out timessquarenyc.org and you’ll have all the information you need for this awesome life experience. But those who are visual learners like myself, I spliced and cut hours of video encompassing the 12 hour experience into this 12 min 01 sec video. Thus, I call it “12 Hours in 12 Minutes.”

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Epic New York City Vlog! | Lit

Thank you so much for watching. I absolutely had a blast in New York City. Thank you so much Quincy for your kind hospitality. Thank you so much Steve for coming on this trip with me. I know I didn’t get as much film as you wanted, but just know I’m trying and I’m sorry if I disappointed you.

NYC is a place of hustlers. There were so many street vendors selling everything from hats and gloves to hot dogs and party hats. The people here really hustle to make a living. NY is also a place of wide disparities. A few people are extremely wealthy, but on the streets there are a ton of homeless people. The wealthy people do not even live in the same areas as the poor or common people. The girls here are gorgeous. A lot of model caliber girls. There are people from all over the world here. We met people from Britain, Germany, Russia, China, and more. It is a place of great diversity and life.

I talked to a lot of strangers while in NYC. Interestingly enough, one guy I talked to actually offered me a job in NYC that pays well. I told him I will consider taking his offer and coming back here during the summer break. So I might be coming back here quite soon.

Thanks again for watching and I hope you have a great day!

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