Deadmau5 Unhooked – “Strobe” – NYE NYC 2012

At Pier 36 in New York City, 12/31/11 –

I always want to take these videos but I hate to not give the show my full attention. So as the song was building up, I was thinking: “Should I really get the drop? I’d rather just enjoy it without focusing on filming.” Just as I was about to give up and put it away (approximately 3:21 ) an angel descended from the heavens in the form of one of the girls sitting on the rail near me. ( 3:21 = “Want me to take it?”) I gave her my iPhone and was able to enjoy that crucial minute without focusing on filming. At 4:12, you hear me say “Thank you!” as she gives it back.

Whoever you were, thank you!

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