Hi Bright Eyed Pretties! Today is a battle of the banana powders! Hope you enjoy my review and demo of the NEW NYX Banana Powder vs Ben Nye and Anastasia! Have you tried this yet? What did you think? If you found this review helpful, please be sure to subscribe and give it a thumbs up!! xx Pamela


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Products Mentioned:
NYX Color Correcting Powder in Banana
Ben Nye Banana Powder
Anastasia Contour Kit in Light/Medium

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The truth about GH5 V-LOG

Many people believe that GH5 V-LOG gives extra dynamic range. I did a lot of tests and didn’t find any proofs.
The main misconception is that we should compare V-LOG and other profiles at the same ISO 400, and, for sure, notice so much difference in saved highlights.
But I suspect that V-LOG at ISO 400 actually recording with equivalent of ISO 200 to save highlights, and then internally converts footage into the LOG gamma. This process generates brighter shadows and more noise, so they simply renamed ISO 200 to ISO 400 (that’s why this number is minimum for V-LOG).
So I believe that we should compare V-Log at ISO 400 while other profiles at ISO 200 (ISO 800 vs ISO 400, etc.).

But you may ask, if we will simply shoot CineD -1 stop of exposure, then V-LOG should have noticeable more saved information in the deep shadows? And I will say – nope. CineD -1 stop contains EXACTLY the same amount of information in the shadows as V-Log. And if we apply reverse-engineered Log conversion, we will see exact same image as raw V-Log.

Check the raw footage and make your own conclusions:

Camera settings:

Cinelike D (but it also works with Natural and etc.)

Contrast: 0
Sharpness: -5
Noise Reduction: -5
Saturation: -3
Hue: 0

Shadows/Highlights and Master Pedestal all set to 0

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