Mariah Carey – Top 10 RISKY Vocals/HIGH NOTE Attempts!

As soon as I saw Matthew S. do this video for Demi I had to do it for Mariah too! His video is here:

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Mariah Carey’s Lip Sync Fail! 2016-2017 NYC NYE Ball Drop Mariah Carey NYE performance Mes

Must watch! Share with your friends. Mariah Carey’s huge fail! What happened? All rights go to Dick Clark Productions. No copyright infringement intended.

Disaster ! Drunk?

no hate to mc, i felt bad! What happend! Opinions below VVVVV.

Mariah Carey​ Epic New Years Eve lipsynch fail Video Follow me On Snapchat : Twitter .

Mariah Carey performed or tried to perform on New Year’s Eve and embarrassed herself and ended 2016 with another L. .

Original on Youtube