New Year’s Eve fireworks in NYC 2018. Times Square. Happy New Year 2018

New York Fireworks 2018. Times Square. New Year 2018. Happy New Year 2018.

fireworks in NYC. New Year’s Eve celebrations New York 2018. مدينة نيويورك السنة الجديدة الألعاب النارية 2018. الألعاب النارية عشية السنة الجديدة عام 2018. سنة جديدة سعيدة عام 2018. نيويورك الألعاب النارية 2018. تايمز سكوير. العام الجديد عام 2018. سنة جديدة سعيدة عام 2018. الألعاب النارية في مدينة نيويورك. احتفالات ليلة رأس السنة في نيويورك عام 2018. NYC Νέο Έτος Πυροτεχνήματα 2018. Την Παραμονή της πρωτοχρονιάς Πυροτεχνήματα 2018. Ευτυχισμένο το Νέο έτος 2018. Νέα Υόρκη Πυροτεχνήματα 2018. Times Square. Το Νέο Έτος 2018. Ευτυχισμένο Το Νέο Έτος 2018. πυροτεχνήματα στη νέα υόρκη. Την Παραμονή της πρωτοχρονιάς γιορτές Νέας Υόρκης το 2018. ניו יורק השנה החדשה זיקוקים 2018. ערב השנה החדשה זיקוקים 2018. שנה חדשה 2018. ניו יורק זיקוקים 2018. טיימס סקוור. שנה חדשה 2018. שנה חדשה 2018. זיקוקים בניו יורק. ערב השנה החדשה חגיגות ניו יורק 2018. NYC Año Nuevo Fuegos artificiales de 2018. La Víspera de Año nuevo Fuegos artificiales de 2018. Feliz Nuevo año 2018. Nueva York Fuegos Artificiales De 2018. Times Square. Nuevo Año 2018. Feliz Nuevo Año 2018. fuegos artificiales en la ciudad de nueva york. Celebración de la nochevieja en Nueva York el año 2018. NYC Nuovo Anno Fuochi d’artificio 2018. Fuochi d’artificio di capodanno 2018. Felice anno Nuovo a tutto il 2018. New York Fuochi D’Artificio 2018. Times Square. Nuovo Anno 2018. Felice Anno Nuovo A Tutto Il 2018. fuochi d’artificio a new york. I festeggiamenti di capodanno a New York il 2018. 纽约新的一年的烟花2018年。 新年前夕的烟花2018年。 新年快乐2018年。 纽约的烟花2018年。 时代广场。 新的一年的2018年。 新年快乐2018年。 烟花在纽约。 新年除夕庆祝活动的纽约的2018年。 뉴욕 새로운 불꽃 놀 2018. 신년 전야 불꽃 놀이 2018. Happy New year2018. 뉴욕의 불꽃 놀이 2018. 타임스 스퀘어도 있습니다. New Year2018. Happy New Year2018. 불꽃 놀이에서 뉴욕니다. 섣달 그믐날 행사에는 뉴욕 2018. NYC New Year Fireworks 2018. Silvester-Feuerwerk 2018. Frohes Neues Jahr 2018. New York Feuerwerk 2018. Der Times Square. Neues Jahr 2018. Frohes Neues Jahr 2018. Feuerwerk in NYC. Silvester Feiern in New York 2018. NYC Nye Året Fyrverkeri 2018. Nyttårsaften Fyrverkeri 2018. Godt Nytt år 2018. New York Fyrverkeri 2018. Times Square. Nytt År 2018. Godt Nytt År 2018. fyrverkeri i NYC. Nyttårsfeiringer New York 2018. NYC Nouvel An feux d’Artifice 2018. Réveillon du nouvel An feux d’Artifice 2018. Bonne et heureuse année 2018. New York Feux D’Artifice 2018. Times Square. Nouvelle Année 2018. Bonne Et Heureuse Année 2018. feux d’artifice à new york. Sylvestre à New York 2018. NYC नए साल की आतिशबाजी 2018. नए साल की शाम आतिशबाजी 2018. खुश नए वर्ष 2018. न्यूयॉर्क आतिशबाजी 2018. टाइम्स स्क्वायर. नए वर्ष 2018. खुश नए वर्ष 2018. आतिशबाजी NYC में. नए साल की पूर्व संध्या समारोह न्यूयॉर्क 2018. NYC Nya Året med Fyrverkerier 2018. Nyårsafton Fyrverkerier 2018. Gott Nytt år 2018. New York Fyrverkerier 2018. Times Square. Nytt År 2018. Gott Nytt År 2018. fyrverkerier i NYC. Nyårsafton firandet i New York 2018. New Year’s Eve Fireworks in Central Park. NYC新年の花火は2018年ます。 年越し花火大会2018年ます。 謹賀新年度の2018年ます。 ニューヨークの花火2018年ます。 時代広場があります。 新しい年度の2018年ます。 謹賀新年度の2018年ます。 花火大会”をニューヨークです。 大晦日のお祝いニューヨーク2018年ます。nyc fireworks 2018. New Year’s Eve at Times Square. Times Square’s glittering crystal ball drops, ringing in 2018. New Year in New York City. New York City Time Square Ball Drop 2017-2018.

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Tips for New Year’s Eve in Times Square | New York City

Here are some tips from a few local New Yorkers that know how to ring in the New Year in New York’s Times Square. Ask us questions in the comments below.

We rang in the New Year with a million friends in Times Square. And then I met up with family in Central Park for the Midnight Run.

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New York rings in 2018 with kisses, confetti

Crowds braved freezing temperatures to watch the New Year’s Eve Ball drop in New York’s Times Square to mark the start of 2018.

STORY: Intrepid revelers from around the world endured hours of waiting in a frigid Times Square on Sunday to witness the glittering New Year’s Eve ball make its annual descent at midnight, undeterred and perhaps reassured by a massive police presence.

With New York City in the grip of a bitterly cold Arctic air mass, the experience was made particularly memorable this year for hundreds of thousands of people who braved the bone-chilling conditions to witness a century-old tradition.

In the waning hours of 2017, the mercury had plunged to 10 Fahrenheit, with a “Real Feel” of 7F, according to That made it the city’s second-coldest New Year’s Eve on record after 1917, when the mercury in Times Square dropped to 1F (-17C).

About 2 million people were expected in the vicinity of Times Square, the bow-tie-shaped plaza formed by the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue in midtown Manhattan. That was roughly same number as last year, when the temperature at midnight was a comfortable 44F (7C).

The crowds counted down the final hours of 2017 with a lineup of live musical acts including Nick Jonas, Neil Diamond and Andy Grammer.

Then came the long-awaited ball drop, a tradition that dates to 1907, three years after New Yorkers started gathering en masse in Times Square to usher in the new year. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and his wife Chirlane danced to the recorded music of Frank Sinatra singing, “New York, New York,” that was broadcast into the square over loudspeakers.

Thousands of police were on hand, some heavily armed, others undercover. The show of force is part of a beefed-up security plan that follows a spate of attacks in the city and around the world that authorities have labeled as terrorist.

The NYPD provided officers with specialized training to stop any suicide bombers in response to an attempted bombing in a Times Square subway station walkway on Dec. 11.


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2018 New Year Celebrations Around The World | NBC News

From Sydney to New York City, count down to 2018 in cities around the globe.
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2018 New Year Celebrations Around The World | NBC News

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