The New Year’s Eve balldrop in Times Square – New York City serves as one of the world’s most iconic celebrations.


Revealers started celebrating the New Year’s Eve in Times Square in 1940, yet in 1907, the New Year’s Eve Ball created its first origin from a flagpole at One Times Square. 7 versions of this ball were made to symbolize New Year.

The first New Year’s Eve Ball that is made of wood and iron and adorned with 100 25 watts light bulbs was 5ft. in diameter and it weighed 700 lbs. An immigrant metalworker whose name was Jacob Starr was the one who designed and constructed this ball. For most part of the 20th century that the company he established has existed, he appointed Artkraft Strauss to be responsible for lowering this ball.

History of New Years Eve

Civilizations worldwide have been celebrating the first day of the year for years. Today, most of the festivities during New Year are celebrated on the last day of December which is considered to be the New Year’s Eve. December 31 is the last day when you take a look at the Gregorian calendar and the celebration continues in the early hour of the first day of January. Some of the common traditions include attending parties, eating foods commonly served during New Year celebration, making your New Year’s resolution as well as watching amazing firework displays.



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